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Almost all file formats can be converted to PDF. For example, to convert a Powerpoint Presentation to PDF, use the free online PDF Converter at Simply upload your presentation, provide your email address, wait for a short time, and when it’s completed the converted PDF will show up in your Email-Inbox.

Why convert documents to PDF?

Being able to convert your documents to PDF gives you a lot of benefits. First of all, the document that you would like to convert to PDF will be readable on all platforms and safe from being altered by all users. Converting documents to PDFs also brings the benefit of making files, such as Word files, smaller. Try it out!

How can I convert files into PDF?

If you would like to convert a document into PDF, you will need the software which you can download here for free. Simply download the PDF software (see the link on the right) and install it. The software installs a virtual printer that turns documents into PDF. You can easily convert your documents into the PDF format. Simply open a document (such as a Word file) and then select the printer with the name PDF24. By printing the document to this printer, a new PDF will be created. This process can be taken with any type of document.

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Konvertera filer online till PDF

Om du inte vill installera någon programvara eller om du behöver ett online verktyg för att konvertera filer online till PDF snabbt, PDF24 har också ett lämpligt verktyg för dig. PDF24 erbjuder dig många användbara online-verktyg som du kan lösa många PDF-problem snabbt och enkelt online. Du kan också använda ett verktyg för att konvertera filer till PDF.

Konvertera filer online till PDF

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